What can we do?
Advising in the field of contractual relations
Consulting for the conclusion, modification and termination of contracts;
Preparation and legal expertise of contractual documents;
Support in resolving disagreements arising in the course of conclusion and
implementation of agreements;
Drafting of foreign trade contracts and legal support of their fulfillment

Representing clients in courts
In the Russian arbitration system (commercial) courts;
In the courts of general jurisdiction of the Russian Federation;
Ensuring the enforcement of foreign judgments in the territory of the Russian
Court acts enforcement

Protection of property rights and support of real estate transactions
Check the legal status of the acquired property, including acquisition of rights history
(Due diligence procedures);
Safe purchase and sale of real estate;
Advice on obtaining the necessary documents, state registration of rights to real estate;
Consultations on rent relations;
Legal protection of property owners against unfair acquisition of the property;

Legal support of the construction and real estate (investment) projects
Legal analysis and support of real estate (investment) projects;
Working out of mechanisms of realization of investment projects, taking into account the
specifics of the Russian legislation;
Providing of the necessary permits and approvals from the Russian authorities;
Legal support for the organization of construction processes;
Protecting of the investment and investors

Bankruptcy procedures legal assistance
Organization of bankruptcy procedures;
Vicarious (secondary) liability of CEO, Bussines owners;
Deals contestation

Tax consulting
Recommendations on optimization of taxation under the Russian legislation;
Consulting on tax legislation;
Accompanying the verification activities of tax authorities;
Appeal of the decisions of tax authorities

Legal support of mergers and acquisitions (transactions M & A)
Preparation of general recommendations;
Complex legal due diligence in order to identify the risks in M & A deals;
Ensuring of the deal implementation, transactions, notarization, state registration

Advice on the execution of legislation on counteraction to legalization
(laundering) of illegal funds

Complex legal support of business (subscription services, the outsourcing of
legal services)


Our basic specialisations are legal support of commercial  
activities, representation in courts and russian governing  
Core competence - qualified legal assistance in the field of  
construction, bankruptcy, taxation, courts and GR in the Russian  
Law office 2650 "TorgPromPravo" registered by the Bar  
Chambers of the Moscow Region in accordance with the Federal  
Law of 31.05.2002 N 63-FZ "On Advocacy and the Legal  
Profession in the Russian Federation".
We operate in strict compliance with the Law and the Code of  
The Lawyer's professional ethics Code.


+7 (495) 230-11-77
The bar chambers of Moscow region
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Office center Delovoy 5 bld. 19 Nizhny Susalny Lane, Moscow 105064, Russia
tel. +7 (495) 230 11 77
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